Greed may quickly destroy Cubs franchise

Updated 2/18/2019 5:58 PM

Mr. Ricketts, is there no limit to your greed?

With great fanfare throughout the coming season, the Chicago Cubs will proudly promote that starting in 2020 their loyal fans will have to pay extra if they want to watch Cubs games on television. What a deal. Not only have they priced game tickets beyond the reach of the average family of four, "but now you're gonna have to pay, sucker, if you wanna watch us on TV. After all, how else can we continue to bring in great players to add to our roster?" (Never mind that no major player acquisitions were made this off season).

Apparently, this ownership group doesn't realize that much of the national popularity of the lovable Cubbies was in fact derived from the many years of free game broadcasts on the national of WGN-TV on cable. They also are disregarding the fact that the young, improving White Sox will be an interesting TV alternative. (Tickets are affordable also.)

It takes many years to build a franchise like the Cubs, Mr. Ricketts, but not anywhere near as long for greed to destroy it.

Russ Hagberg


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