Another fan spurned by the Cubs

Updated 2/15/2019 7:06 PM

I am much in agreement with Burt Constable, Daily Herald writer. About the same age as him, I have the same mirrored memories of watching the Cubs at the ballpark, bleacher sitting, still getting an Old Style beer from a vendor, also getting the finger from Parrot, the visiting team's relief pitcher warming up by the foul ball sideline, after taunting him, chanting, "Polly want a cracker?"

Was there with my firstborn daughter when Sosa tied home run record and then hit another homer to surpass his rival in their competition to be home run king, which Sammy lost in the end. Too many stories to share.

The best of watching games, was putting on old Channel 9 WGN. Laying on the couch on a summer afternoon, with one eye on screen and listening to Harry Carey's wonderful sloppy voice. If it hadn't been WGN broadcasting Cub games across the USA, they would have never been America's favorite team, as they were the lovable losers.

Of course that changed that 2016. However, if in 2020, I have to watch only on Marquee Sports Network to see the exclusive Cubs, I think I'll also have join Burt and end my love affair with them. They are closing the door on me and memories on being a fun loving Cub fan.

Don Cunningham-


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