Help disabled with flags during snow plowing

Updated 2/4/2019 4:18 PM

I am appealing to our town leadership to assist our elderly and handicapped citizens during snow plowing days and nights. Speaking as one who uses a cane and a walker at times, I find it extremely difficult to shovel my driveway, never mind clear my apron at the curb after the city plows my driveway.

I understand the need to clear the streets, but how about the need for the handicapped and elderly when it comes to try and shovel out the apron at the end of their drive? The pile-up is anywhere from a foot or more deep when we have an inch or more of snow. I propose a solution; flags. Bright flags with iridescent cloth to be seen at night could be the solution to this ever increasing problem. The city could issue these flags after the citizen provides documentation of their need for this accommodation.


Lawrence M. Piemontese


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