Letter: The pros and cons of living near airport

To the Daily Herald editor:
Posted1/19/2019 1:00 AM

Maryann Rodriguez Liguori of Wheeling complained that there were not enough people present at the Dec. 4 Chicago Executive Airport meeting who represented her opinion apparently.

She mentioned that there may be Slavic, Spanish, Korean, Russian, Chinese, Polish, Indian and non-English residents who were not there and should have been informed.

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I'm an immigrant who was required to know English to become a citizen. If these people are not citizens, they should have no vote on how anything is run in this great country.

I am certain that Ms. Rodriguez Liguori was aware of the airport when she moved to Wheeling.

Housing is cheaper in the vicinity of an airport.

But now, they are going to get government funded (read taxpayer) insulated windows. And they want to greatly curb the operation of the airport. have a solution for you: Move!

Margrit Valskis

Prospect Heights

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