Letter: Look to the right before turning right

To the Daily Herald editor:
Posted1/19/2019 1:00 AM

Forcing yourself to use the "Dutch Reach" -- where drivers use their right arm to open their car door in the city -- is helping get drivers to look back and avoid opening their doors into a passing bicyclist or other vehicle.

But most seniors are unable to turn far enough to properly see back before opening the car door.

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A much better solution is to look in the outside car mirror before opening the door. This gives a much better view and is easier to do.

I like to add that drivers should look in the right side mirror before turning right at a corner.

Most drivers look left to see if there is any oncoming traffic before turning right.

This works for cars, but ignores any pedestrians or bicycles approaching the crosswalk on the right.

If you hit a pedestrian or bicycle rider, they are dead.

True, in the suburbs there are few pedestrian and cyclists, but you don't want to hit one.

Once in Arlington Heights on Northwest Highway, which parallels the train tracks, a driver making a right turn looked left while turning right and turned right under the lowered gate and was hit by a train.


That is an example of why one must look right when turning right.

I teach the AARP driver safety class on the first Monday and Wednesday of each month at the Wheeling Township building on Arlington Heights Road.

The class covers all aspects of driving and can save seniors money on their car insurance.

Adelore Petrie

Arlington Heights

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