Tyranny revisited

Updated 1/3/2019 12:29 PM

I'm a veteran who served in the military more than 60 years ago in Europe witnessing the fall of Nazism and rise of Communism.

I was astounded the Republican Party nominated a virtual draft dodger in 2000 to avoid Vietnam but more so when it elected Donald Trump, who also avoided the war.


We now have a president who embraces tyrannical ideologies.

Proven yesterday by the daughter of the doctor who gave Trump a suspicious "bone spurs" excuse to avoid Vietnam, now proven "fake." Nonetheless the GOP, even after his recent physician released a disbelieving report he was in the "best condition of anyone he ever examined," still elected him.

Trump visited Iraq last week for the first time and was mobbed by the troops, taking "selfies" and idolizing him as if he was their long-lost hero. This was after Generals Kelly and Mattis left his administration, two years after he said he knew more than all the generals.

The media reported his visit along with venerating comments. This is what this country has become. Why did I fight such tyranny more than a half-century ago and for whom?

James D. Cook


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