What has happened to Republican Party?

Updated 12/11/2018 1:11 PM

As we honor the civility, humor and service of George H.W. Bush, one begins to wonder how the Republican Party changed so drastically from a party of people trying their best to serve the country like President Bush, to a party of spineless Trumpites. It was a party that included people like Jacob Javits, Nelson Rockefeller, Richard Schweiker, Charles Goodell, Charles Percy and on and on.

What is happening in Wisconsin, Michigan and North Carolina shows just how low the Republican Party has stooped. Democrats cast 8 percent more votes than Republicans across Wisconsin and won all statewide offices including the attorney general and governor, However the state legislature remained in Republican hands because of gerrymandering. In the face of this overwhelming Democratic vote, the legislature has taken the unprecedented step of limiting the powers of the newly elected officials when they take office.


Although the people of Wisconsin expressed that high on their list of issues was health care, one of the things crybaby legislators did was take away from the ag and governor the ability to withdraw from the lawsuit attacking the ACA which would have the effect among other things of no longer requiring Insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions.

What happened to democracy? Do Republicans no longer care what the people say? We will see what the courts have to say about this. For example, are these amendments to the Wisconsin Constitution which has a procedure for amendment not being followed here. This whole thing reminds me of the kid who loses the game and takes his ball and goes home, At least that kid has a chance to grow up.

Spencer Heine


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