Don't count on Congress to solve 'real problems'

Updated 12/7/2018 6:09 PM

A front-page article on Sunday, Nov. 11, was "In Charge: Now what will they do?" This was in reference to the U.S. House Democrat sweep. The answer was obvious then and even more obvious now. They will do whatever Majority Leader Pelosi tells them.

Any talk about cooperation with Republicans, solving "real problems" (whatever that means), getting more resources back to Illinois, is just happy talk. In the 1950s a popular TV show "Its Howdy Doody Time" featured a ventriloquist and his puppet Howdy Doody. The puppet spoke but we know who the real speaker was.

What will this new utopia look like? This is where the happy talk ends. The focus of two of the three representatives interviewed was on investigating President Donald Trump and his cabinet. The imagined wrongdoings are money laundering, conflict of interest, Russian collusion beyond the Mueller probe. How do these endless investigations of fake wrongdoings benefit the country and square with the Democrats proposal to "solve real problems"?

Let's be honest, the hearings and investigations have only one purpose and it's not to find the "truth," instead somehow find a way to impeach President Donald Trump.

There is more. Other agenda items: universal health care (Obamacare-plus), open borders, abolish ICE, raise your taxes (everyone's not just the magic top 2 percent) leading to economic malaise (aka. Obama), higher unemployment, when convenient, setting aside the bedrock Democratic concept of innocent until proven guilty.

Is this the country that we the people really want from our currently elected crop of Democrats? I hope not.

There is hope. In two years we can remedy this wrong, this mistake by electing representatives who actually care about our great nation and not just lust for power.

Laszlo Stephan


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