A $15 pipe dream

Posted12/4/2018 1:00 AM

All those people who think they can tell a company they must pay their employees $15/hour are living in La-La-Land. Why stop at $15 -- why not $20 or $50? If the $15/hour engages the next time you go to your favorite ham-burger place, it will be staffed with two or three kiosks to take your order. They will say "How can I help you?" After you punch in your order it, will ask the obligatory "You want fries with that?" The order will go to the cook who will prepare the food and you will go to the cashier who doubles as the manager and pay. So instead of eight to 10 people working, there will be two or three. As trite and mean as it sounds, companies are in business to make money, not provide jobs. If you don't believe that look at the motto of the Daily Herald provided by its founder "to tell the truth, and make money." While the former may not always be true, the latter is.

Bob Lowth

Arlington Heights

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