Walker running campaign of lies; support Corrigan

Posted10/22/2018 5:00 AM

Mark Walker's (and his Democrat pals') campaign are running just as he did when he ran against David Harris.

Mike Madigan's spokesman, Steve Brown, backed up Walker's vile and ludicrous claims against David Harris, who proved himself to be an outstanding state representative.


Now, Walker is running another campaign of lies and character assassination which is straight out of the current Democrat playbook. Walker seems to forget that we know he overwhelmingly supported, as a lame duck state representative, even more tax increases, higher spending and extra added borrowing. His profligate spending votes cost Illinois.

We know Walker-type budgets are why Illinois state bonds are only one step above junk status. Democrats have run this state for years now and have put Illinois is the position as a state that more people flee from than from any other state (United Van Lines/builderonline.com).

Walker totally supports J.B. Pritzker and Mike Madigan who want more and more taxes (for example, a graduated income tax which will definitely affect the middle-class Illinois taxpayer that Democrats always claim to defend and a mileage driven tax which would use a Big Brother government issued mileage tracker to make sure you pay).

Springfield under Madigan and people like Walker who served Madigan before want more and more taxpayer revenue to spend more and more. Mark Walker is politics as usual.

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The choice is obvious! Eddie Corrigan stands for real reform and real tax relief. We know where Walker has stood! His record proves it!

Thomas Manion

Mount Prospect

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