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Updated 10/3/2018 9:27 AM

What's the rush?

With the recent death of a construction worker on the tollway near Rosemont, work-zone speed limits again were a hot topic. It should not take a tragedy to put this front and center. Also, what too many drivers do not realize is that these speed limits are enforced 24 hours, seven days a week. Slow down, you move too fast. And for what purpose?


Peace and quiet

Congrats to all the volunteers who came together over the past few weeks to assemble a floating dock at Lake St. Benedict on Benedictine University's Lisle campus. The volunteers, including veterans and nearly 100 Home Depot employees, wanted to create a place for students who served in the military to find some peace and quiet. They succeeded.

This week's recommended reading

"What then did the Great War accomplish?...Some optimist somewhere must have pointed out that it kept the population down. The survivors had their own difficulties. In the words of All Quiet on the Western Front, 'The war has ruined us for everything.'" Sept. 20, Smithsonian Magazine, "Is All Still Quiet on the Western Front?"


Over the last few years, the Volunteer Veterans Conservation Corps has been building information kiosks, nesting boxes and much more for Volo Bog and other natural areas. The volunteers, all military vets, enjoy the chance to serve in a new way. Nature lovers, meanwhile, benefit from their work. We thank them for their efforts.

Pritzker and the VMT, Part 1

Just as a refresher When J.B. Pritzker met with our Editorial Board before the primary, he brought up the idea of a vehicle mileage tax as "something to be looked at" as a possible source of revenue to fix our roads. Since then, he's called Gov. Bruce Rauner a "liar" for saying Pritzker had proposed the tax.

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Pritzker and the VMT, Part 2

So when Pritzker spoke to our Editorial Board this week, we naturally asked him to clarify his position on the vehicle mileage tax. He spent five minutes talking about infrastructure needs without ever saying what he thinks about the tax or even mentioning the phrase.

Pritzker and the VMT, Part 3

So naturally, we asked him why he didn't answer the question. And then asked him again. Finally, he reluctantly referred to the tax as experimental but even then wouldn't be pinned down on whether he views the tax as an option for raising road revenues or would rule it out. Thanks for the clarification, J.B.

They keep doing good things

The Boys & Girls Club of Elgin will build a greenhouse at its community garden so the kids can grow fruits and vegetables year-round. The goal is to teach about healthy nutrition, and could be used as the starting point for running a restaurant. The kids learn many lessons along the way, and the Club keeps doing the right thing. A win-win.

Approachable art

Here's to Elgin's Gail Borden Public Library for hosting today's Comic Book Mania. The family friendly -- and free -- event is making 40 authors and artists accessible to fans -- veteran readers, and newbies alike. And young readers are key. Here's hoping the event wins over many fans!

Fingers crossed

Our prayers go out to Dave Thompson, of Elgin, and his family. Dave has spent much of his life helping others, and now he finds himself in desperate need of a kidney. He's not on the transplant list, and his willing family members aren't a match. So, if you have Type-O blood, think about it.

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