Feds did heavy lifting; now fix the state

Updated 8/30/2018 2:10 PM

I was shocked that the crowd in article by James Fuller shouted "NO" to the question by Congressman Hultgren "Are you better off now?" At first I thought something must be in the water in McHenry. How can you say NO? Then I thought the forum must be packed with supporters for Underwood (which is more likely than bad water) because only people that want to complain go to these meetings.

Then it hit me. We all live in Illinois. That is why nothing is better. Any time the feds give us a tax break, the people we put in Springfield find a way to take it from us. We pay one of the highest income taxes in the country. Mr. Fuller would have served the readers better if he pointed out that fact and that our property taxes are going up next year as well.


Ms. Underwood just repeats the same old drool of fair share. She never said how or what would make it better. I know how: Term Limits in Springfield and cut the wasteful state spending. The GOP did the hard work for us in D.C., but we need to vote out the career politicians like Madigan to save Illinois. Say no to the tax-and-spend Democrats in November.

Rob Benson


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