Are schools checking electric rates?

Updated 8/12/2018 1:44 PM

A few years ago, electric bills were sky high and towns had residents sign up with an alternative company to ComEd for a discounted rate. Around two years later, I found I could get it cheaper elsewhere and opted out.

The company was affiliated with Comcast. After a year, the contracted time, I should have checked on prices again but due to health issues forgot about it. My bills started getting high. A year later, I looked closely at the bill and saw I was paying double what I had contracted for.

I called ComEd and found they were charging $6 per KWH and I was paying $11, like School District 158. I switched back to ComEd. It took two months to get out of the contract, but now my bills have gone down from around $185 in the summer to $125 and less in the winter.

Is no one watching at District 158 or perhaps even the town of Huntley what rates are? They should be paying ComEd directly, not through a middle man and should be paying the $6 rate not $11.

Our school taxes are extraordinarily high and poor management plays a big role in it. We would be saving so much money if someone checked rates monthly. This has been going on for years.

Eudice Germaine


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