Sticking with Trump

Updated 7/19/2018 11:51 AM

Nice try with the Herald editorial Sept. 13 with a plea for Trump to bring us together. Really. Just below the editorial was an opinion article by Georgie Anne Geyer. Her rhetoric doesn't help. She says the White House is in shambles and workers leave like sloppy subway riders. Further, Trump has disdain and hates NATO. Fact is in 2017, the U.S. taxpayer ponied up $686 billion to NATO. The other 27 countries put in $271 billion. How many trillions of U.S. dollars have flowed to NATO?

How much is disappearing? What do we get for that donation? Geyer decries pulling 35,000 American troops out of Germany, yet she doesn't criticize Germany for enriching Russia by buying its oil and natural gas from Russia. Then she gets into rumors that Trump is going to cozy up to Putin, Assad and other bad guys. No "bringing us together" by her.

There is no "bringing us together" by the socialists, Democrats, progressives and liberals. They strictly operate by the rules of Saul Alinsky. They want to fundamentally transform the country and almost pulled it off, but for Clinton's defeat. Now, they rant and scream every day about how bad this country is. I have never heard one of them say this a great country.

I don't want anything they have to offer. There will be no "bringing us together" until they are intellectually and politically defeated. In Geyer's final words, I will remain a foolish American and follow Trump.

Gerald Thomas


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