A look at the future Trump is creating

Updated 7/19/2018 11:21 AM

Watching Donald Trump's chilling and amateurish attempts at rearranging the geopolitical structure (because only he knows what is best), you wonder if he ever took World History 101 while fighting for his fifth deferment in college. This, I fear, is the dystopian world our grand- and great-grandchildren will be living in, if he were to be re-elected in 2020 and allowed to continue on his quest:

Our closest allies would be the dictatorships in Russia, China and North Korea and their allies Iran, Syria and all the African nations China is currently courting. China will control most of East Asia and the Pacific, and will be the world's leading economic and military power. Russia will have regained all her former republics, parts of Eastern Europe, and will be supporting Iran's control of the Mideast. Israel will ally with Saudi Arabia, due to the U.S. alliance with Russia.

We will transfer leadership of what's left of the free world to Germany, which will have allied with Canada and Mexico as a result of economic and social barriers erected under the Trump administration.

The U.S. will have the least control over international decisions it has had since pre-World War I, and China, Russia and North Korea will be forcing the denuclearization of our military due to instability within the government.

Not sure what will happen with India, Pakistan or South America, but I'm sure Mr. Trump has a plan in place.

This is not Chicken Little "the sky is falling" hysteria; it is simply an assessment of Trump's actions so far, and extrapolating out another six years of his destruction of our 70- to 80-year-old alliances and his fawning over dictators such as Putin, Kim and Xi.

I realize that all dynasties eventually end. I just didn't think ours would end this suddenly.

Tom Dillivan


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