Letter: Maddon's true genius not yet known

Posted7/16/2018 1:00 AM

Bruce Miles' July 3 article, "Small ball coming up big" included the observation: "(Joe) Maddon often draws the ire of some fans on social media for his ever-changing lineups."

Miles reminds readers this is often for (well thought out) matchups. But for Maddon's emphasis on resting his players, Miles simply lets him defend himself with his own quotations.

In the 60-plus years I've been a Cub fan, I don't believe we've ever had a more intelligent manager. And the man's wisdom exceeds even his intelligence!

Had Leo Durocher treated my beloved '69 Cubs with just a modicum of Maddon's respect and concern for his players, I truly believe we would have seen a championship 47 years earlier! And hearing Maddon speak at recent Cubs Conventions, I'm convinced no Cubs manager in my six decades of allegiance has shown more respect to Cubs fans.

When Joe Maddon finally writes his memoir, those of us who read that book will learn quite a bit about baseball. But much more than that, I believe, we'll learn a great deal on how to live an effective life.

Bruce Bedingfield

Hoffman Estates

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