Letter: '1,000 Points of Light' trumps 'MAGA'

Posted7/16/2018 1:00 AM

President Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Montana recently unleashed a torrent of insults and cruel remarks targeting Sen. John McCain for voting against the repeal of the ACA; Senator Warren for criticizing the separation of families at the border; and Special Counsel Robert Mueller for the Russian "witch hunt," even though the Senate Intelligence Committee released a bipartisan report indicating that Russia worked to elect Trump and to undercut Clinton's campaign.

As egregious as these remarks are, he then asked the crowd " 1,000 points of light ... what did that mean?"

Obviously, Trump failed to realize that President George H.W. Bush made this comment during his inaugural speech asking Americans to come together for the betterment of all and to work hard and show concern for others through volunteering whenever and wherever one could.

Has President Donald Trump ever done anything for anyone else but himself? I often have wondered what "Make America Great Again" means.

How far back do we have to go? His failure to understand the meaning of the 1,000 points of light suggests suggest perhaps he means the Dark Ages.

William J. Filstead

Arlington Heights

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