Divisive on immigration

Updated 6/11/2018 11:54 AM

It is disappointing to see another divisive article written by the master wordsmith Michael Gerson of The Washington Post being published on the editorial page of the Daily Herald. Gerson criticizes the Republican leadership for their non-Christian views on the migrant issues. Rather than offer solutions to the issue, the result is to divide the readership on this issue. The migrant issue is the failure of 50 years of governmental neglect in not properly addressing the issue. Until Trump became president, the former leaders have kicked the can down the street. Too hot to handle.

For those 50 years, illegal immigrants were a source of cheap labor and the social issues were being ignored. Today, we have gangs controlling vast areas of our streets in major cities across the U.S. In Los Angles alone, there are over 100,000 known gang members. M-31 gangs are the most vicious and deadly.

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We can't continue to have a blind eye to the reality of the situation. We need to have compassion and help for those innocents caught in the transition to a migration policy that works and allows immigrants to continue to come to American legally with their desire is to embrace American values and contribute to society in a positive way. We have the right to know who is entering our country, our state, our town.

We need immigrants to continue to enrich and grow the America we know. What we don't need is polarization. The current policies need to be revised and Trump has the guts to tackle the issue. Unfortunately, the left will not agree to the need to close the back door on immigration. That is the reality and not a myopic view.

Thomas A. Braun

Mount Prospect

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