Require gun owners to be insured

Posted6/7/2018 1:00 AM

So, another school shooting.

If this keeps up and no action from Congress to realize there is only one solution; amend the Second Amendment to include, as the forefathers saw it, a muzzle-loaded rifle. I wonder if they had passed the Second Amendment today with military style automatic weapons, and absolutely no possibility of the people acting against a corrupt government, as was the intention of instituting the amendment in the first place. The NRA, with Trump's backing, is using the Second Amendment to make hoards of money. If no one wakes up to act responsibly and logically, these shootings will become commonplace and a "hum, oh, well" attitude will prevail.


Here is a possible solution. Use money to offset money and make gun owners (licensed) carry insurance in case their weapon is used in an illegal way to cover any and all legal action against them. A high premium, for which, insurance companies will be glad to have the business, and they will establish rates. Maybe then, rates will be high enough that people will possibly not participate and rid themselves of this devilish ownership of murder.

Using the auto industry as an example, you cannot get a driver's license unless you prove you have insurance coverage. We insure homes, businesses and even personal liability with million-dollar umbrella policies. I am excluding small arms for one's protection of self, family and property. This alone should satisfy the Second Amendment. What logical reason is there to own military weapons?

Dan Alberti

Mount Prospect

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