Get expert advice before removing trees

Posted6/7/2018 1:00 AM

On June 3, I watched as tree trimmers cut down a huge tulip tree in my neighbor's back yard. For most folks, this may not be a big deal; however, it should be.

Tulip trees, with their large yellow flowers, feed millions of bees and other pollinators. The International Society of Arborists give these native trees a good rating for their disease resistance, beauty, and other inherent qualities.


These ratings are used by arborists to place a price tag on the replacement of such trees.

Charming, historic Geneva is filled with small properties that have large trees. When asked, none of the workers knew what kind of tree they were cutting down, but referred me to the homeowner, who they said was concerned about his roof and foundation.

Perhaps this tree really was causing structural damage to the home. However, it could have appeared to be a problem when it really wasn't. So, my questions for anyone considering removing a tree are:

Does the homeowner understand the value of the tree?

Was a certified arborist consulted prior to the removal?

Could the removal be prevented with management of the crown and roots?

Sometimes trees have to be removed as they are a hazard; it is the right of the property owner to do this. But is it right to remove healthy, mature, high-quality trees without a waiting period for professional consultation and a notice to neighbors that this was properly done?

Karla Lynch


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