Law would only hurt law-abiding gun dealers

Updated 5/14/2018 11:35 AM

The letter from Rep. Anna Moeller regarding Senate Bill 1657 does not make any common sense. The only thing the bill would do, would be to drive the lawful gun dealers out of business, by double licensing dealers under a three-person board and requiring them to spend about $5,000 a year for license and education.

Driving the lawful dealers out of business will not stop unlawful sale of guns or get any guns out of hands those who should not have guns.

The only way to stop unlawful use of guns is to enforce existing laws at the court level. The woman who was caught by an ATF sting selling guns stolen from a delivery boxcar, convicted in an Illinois court, got seven years in jail. In Illinois, this means maybe three years with good behavior and out. Any other guns she sold are still on the street. She gets out of jail with a list of new customers. The courts or any agency that does not hold up their end should be held accountable. FBI not passing warning calls to correct agency for action is wrong. Police setting up an outside perimeter, while shooting is going on is wrong.

Richard Nicholson

Hoffman Estates

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