Cyclists must learn to share the paths

Updated 5/14/2018 11:23 AM

This past Sunday, I participated in a charity walk in a suburban forest preserve. There was a wonderful turnout, lots of families with children. The trails had be marked in advance that there would be crowds walking between 9 and 11 a.m. Unfortunately, the area cyclists either did not pay attention to the marked trails or didn't care.

The walkers did a good job of trying to keep everyone to the right, but we still had to dodge racing bikes, with the riders not slowing at all for the groups of pedestrians on the trail. The cyclists were very obviously annoyed that anyone was walking on their "Tour de France" path. Many were biking aggressively at high speed while yelling to young children to "get out of the way."

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Would it have been that difficult to take the bike ride before 9 or after 11? Or find another trail just for those 2 hours? Or maybe slow down a little when coming upon a crowd of people with children and strollers?

You guys realize that none of you are Lance Armstrong, right? The bikers should be ashamed of themselves, but I think their sense of entitlement, the need to own the trails for speed biking, will prevent them from owning their bad behavior. The arrogance and rudeness of the cyclists made for a bit of a dangerous walk for pedestrians.

And it made me wonder: where are you guys going in such a hurry? Better to walk with us than fly by us while yelling at children. Please remember we share the paths, walkers, runners, bikers, it's not a race or your own personal racetrack, and be courteous.

Maggie O'Neill


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