Citizens can't win

Posted5/10/2018 1:00 AM

I seem to recall a couple years ago that the secretary of state would no longer send reminders to renew license plate stickers due to the cost and an effort to reduce expenses. I read many complaints in this same column of folks who neglected to renew on time and received citations for expired tags. I was fortunate enough to have read of the complaints and renewed my tag on time. I was amused last year when I received my sticker via postal mail and a few days later a separate letter (again via postal mail) thanking me for being an organ donor.

This year, I sent my renewal fee along with a $1.25 "convenience fee" several weeks ago. I just received a "temporary sticker" with a note saying the permanent 2018 sticker will be sent shortly. So the way I see it, last year no money was saved due to the thank-you letter (which could have been emailed) and this year, once I get my permanent sticker and a thank-you letter, the cost to the state will be even higher because of the temporary sticker. With all this said, it is obvious that no matter who runs the state the residents will always lose while living here.

Daniel Olsen

Arlington Heights

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