Claims of 'liberal press' are distraction

Updated 5/7/2018 9:46 AM

Reading the frequent accusations of the media being liberal has prompted me to comment.

Former FBI Director Comey kept the investigation of Clinton's emails in the news, with frequent regularity, throughout all of 2016, even criticizing her team after finding there were no chargeable offenses and the case was closed. The case was briefly re-opened and closed again in October of 2016, as nothing new was discovered. This was critical in the last days of the campaign and dramatically contributed to the election outcome.


All while this was going on in the reporting of daily news, the FBI investigation into Russian interference in the election was also being quietly investigated. When that investigation became known, the focus was on the Trump campaign. The FBI suddenly became the subject of derision and suspicion after having been previously praised for months.

As more evidence has been uncovered, as more interviews have been held, as more guilty pleas have been entered, the work of the special counsel has been called into question. Our democracy is at stake. Our Russian nemesis has interfered with our government, and yet many people refuse to believe what is being revealed. Instead, they cry that the media is "liberal" and the news is "fake."

Facts are not political, neither liberal nor conservative -- they are facts. The investigation must continue to its proper conclusion, and the public needs to learn what happened, who was involved, and how we must prevent such activity in the future.

Insisting that truth is fake and that news reporting is liberal is dangerous. It severely divides us, leaving us vulnerable to further attacks. Our enemies have waged war on the United States without firing a shot, and people who refuse to see it are unwitting participants on their behalf.

Marie Harris


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