Tax explanations focus only on short-term

Posted4/25/2018 1:00 AM

It appears that the intended central message of Mr. Roskam's re-election campaign is to explain the complicated effects of the tax bill on higher-income residents. I suppose it is used as a central campaign message because it is the only thing he thinks he has "accomplished" in his congressional career: The transfer of wealth to the richest people in the country and the wealthiest corporations in the world while at the same time tossing crumbs to those who work hard to make ends meet. Likewise, I am sure that an additional $304 a month for a couple with a taxable income of $135,000 is appreciated as is an additional $40 a month for a couple with a taxable income of $35,000.

Mr. Roskam does not tell anyone, regardless of income level, what they are going to lose in the deal. But before I list some of the things Mr. Roskam and his colleagues have targeted to dismantle, let me point out that his tax cut for the wealthiest provides all of us with a huge increase in annual budget deficits that increase the national debt by leaps and bounds. I wonder which of the following we are going to lose or watch cut back to ridiculously low levels: Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, public infrastructure, breathable air, drinkable water? Or all the above plus some additional surprises?


So, to me it appears that you are buying votes by focusing on the money that is going into people's pockets today but not on what you plan to do in the future -- run most of us over with a truck while your buddies run away with the bank and empty the pockets of those you profess to look out for.

Mr. Roskam, you have consistently failed to represent the people of the 6th District.

Paul Setze

Sleepy Hollow

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