Urge lawmakers to override gun veto

Posted4/13/2018 1:00 AM

Thanks to the brave young people in Illinois and across the country calling for sensible gun reforms, some progress is being made to keep firearms out of the hands of those intending to do harm. Illinois cannot be left behind.

Gov. Rauner's recent veto of the popular and bipartisan Gun Dealer Licensing Bill (SB 1657) made clear his feelings on this all-important issue. That's why we must call and write our representatives in Springfield and tell them we support SB 1657 and urge them to override the governor's veto.

SB 1657 addresses years of irresponsible funding cuts by Congress that prevented federal law enforcement from doing their job to properly monitor gun dealers as required by law. These funding cuts allowed gun dealers in Illinois to operate with little accountability and thus become a major source for illegal guns in our communities.

This bill will allow local law enforcement to monitor local gun dealers and will put in place necessary safety standards, such as requiring gun shops to keep inventory and sales records and train employees to guard against gun theft, measures that could stop criminals from getting a gun in the first place.

Let's show our children once and for all that we are on their side; that we value the safety of our communities over the gun lobby. Such a choice should never be up for debate.

Kristen Avery

Downers Grove

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