Roskam won't meet to defend his record

Posted4/13/2018 1:00 AM

The race for the congressional seat in the 6th District of Illinois will be hotly contested. A number of political experts have indicated that this is one of the top 10 races.

Peter Roskam, the incumbent, has avoided any interplay with those who have raised questions about the positions he has taken. His "town hall meetings" have been a farce. They are carried on by telephone with the obvious screening of questions he or his staff don't want to answer.

He was a major player in the tax bill and talks about $4,000 average savings In the district. He never backs up this statement. He doesn't even know how many constituents will be hurt by the limit on tax deductions,

It's hard to understand his position on gun control, environment and on and on.

His opponent Sean Casten, who won a seven-person primary, has attended meetings which Roskam has avoided because apparently he doesn't want to face questions and explain his actions.

What is as disappointing as the positions themselves is the total lack of coverage by the Daily Herald of the various events that have opposed or questioned Roskam.

One example was the recent meeting showing how the alleged tax cut really benefits the rich and corporations and not the rank and file.

This race is big news and I would expect the Daily Herald to be fair in its coverage

Spencer Heine


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