Village is wasting tax money on weapons ban

Updated 4/12/2018 4:19 PM

It must be nice to live in Deerfield, a town that can waste taxpayer money to defend an overreaching ordinance. This knee-jerk reaction to the shooting in Parkland, Florida, should be looked at as a failure of government.

Let's review: A kid with mental problems was reported many times to local police.

Because of laws protecting people with mental illness and a lack of follow-through, nothing could be done to put this young man away where no harm could done. The armed officer stayed outside and did not enter the school trying to stop the murders in progress.

Any gun, no mater what kind, did not kill the students at Parkland. A deranged kid that needed mental health care did.

The story on Page 3 on April 6 about a young man who ran over two people, killing one, proves that evil kills.

There have been other stories in the news, even mass killings using vehicles.

How about the story about Jacob W. Beeman? He broke into a house and stabbed three people and a dog. First, the son tried to use a BB gun that failed. Then, according to the story, the homeowner, who had a valid FOID card, retrieved his semiautomatic (works the same way an AR-15 works) handgun from his safe and fired one round, scaring off the intruder.

With Deerfield's ban, that gun might be illegal, depending on the size of magazine.

What Deerfield's ban has done is make legal gun owners criminals. If I were a Deerfield vllage official, I could not live with the blood on my hands if a legal gun owners could not defend himself and was killed because the gun he bought was outlawed by a knee-jerk decision.

Rob Benson


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