Relax, Trump haters

Updated 4/12/2018 4:19 PM

I have been reading letters for 17 months from people who have just gone apoplectic because Donald Trump was elected president. The latest is from Thomas Carras, who is critical of the proposed tariffs. He states that President Trump should listen to the politicians in Washington who have brought us to an almost $800 billion trade deficit. Their main goal is to get reelected and not demand fair trade from China, because it might upset some voters. Unlike the swamp in Washington, President Trump campaigned on holding China to be less restrictive on their imports and not steal our proprietary property, he is doing what he promised. How refreshing.

The other letter was from Sara Gin, who claims to be an accomplished mind reader and knows exactly what is on President Trump's mind in regards to North Korea. If it weren't for President Clinton, North Korea would not have been able to be in a position to have nuclear weapons today. Now President Trump is forced to deal with it.

Trump haters, relax.

Gerald Aleksy

Elk Grove Village

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