Nation will suffer from this 'accomplishment'

After 12 years of trying, my congressman, the 6th District's Peter Roskam, has finally come up with an accomplishment he's written to spike his seventh term re-election bid. His deficit-exploding tax cut bill will give a typical taxpayer, but not nearly all taxpayers, about 18 extra bucks a week to solicit their vote Nov. 6. Then again, it's a stretch to call that an accomplishment.

The cost to our nation's economic and social health is daunting: $1 trillion added to the deficit over the next decade and slashed safety net programs, which will barely make a dent in that deficit. Roskam spins like a top to deflect criticism of his abandonment of fiscal responsibility by claiming his legislation will goose the economy.

The University of Chicago's world-renowned economics department polled 38 economists and found just one believes that Roskam's horse can run. CNBC, no far left media outlet, did a poll that found only 13 percent of respondents found the new withholding amounts are helping "a fair amount" or more.

Roskam can't tout a single improvement in 12 years to improve our health care crisis, reduce machine guns mowing down our students and concert goers, reverse global warming or provide dignity and hope to the less fortunate. His tax cuts and jobs bill is an economic time bomb designed to reward the already wealthy while tossing crumbs to struggling taxpayers.

We call that a one-trick pony - and it's come up lame.

Walt Zlotow

Glen Ellyn

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