Weaponizing news to promote an agenda

I am a conservative. Your paper is not.

Monday, March 12's paper featured scary stories on Trump steel tariffs and more gun regulations. A story that alleged a meeting between Clinton's impeachment lawyer and Trump followed. Next, a story how Trump loves to hate California. On Page 11, a story featuring Vladimir Putin and how his Russia Looks more invincible than ever, titled "Any autocrat wants love." Finally, your editorial page endorsed Bruce Rauner in the Republican primary.

The front page lead story above the fold was how Personal PAC was backing one Democrat to defeat Peter Breen for state representative. It mentioned Personal PAC's website and how Breen opposed state funding of elective abortions, a bill Bruce Rauner signed. You included the Personal PAC president's statement attacking Breen and how it spent more than $1 million in the last cycle and will spend more now.

The Democrat candidate stated she had no role in the group's material. Oddly that very same day, I received a mailer from Personal PAC attacking Peter Breen and gubernatorial candidate Jeanne Ives.

Personal PAC, which sounds a lot like Planned Parenthood, sends an attack mailer the same day as your story? The mailer attacks Breen, who won't be challenge until November and Jeanne Ives, who opposes Rauner next week?

Let's add up your featuring of Personal PAC's attack on Breen and Ives, its affiliation with Planned Parenthood, your endorsement of Bruce Rauner and Diana Rauner's deep ties and financial support of Planned Parenthood. It is one thing to use your editorial page to endorse candidate. It is another to weaponize news stories and portray them as legitimate news.

Gregory Moffett

Glen Ellyn

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