Washington disaster

Updated 3/19/2018 11:51 AM

Good ol' Vlad, the Putin guy, our president's favorite buddy, has made his mark again. Makes you wonder, which is worse, the Russian Vlad or Salvador's MS13, doesn't it?

Makes you wonder, too, (every time the Russians respond to suspicion of some foul deed, like fouling our elections) what in the world does he have on Trump? It must be something special, because Trump loves him, adores him, wouldn't criticize anything he or the mafia-style Russian mobsters do, no matter what.

By the way, this infantile president, is what Mitt Romney and Michael Bloomberg, New York's ex- really say he is, i.e. a fraud, a phony, a con-man in the flesh. He's not going to make America "great" again, he's going to make it and the Republican Party with it into a "make the NRA the standard of American justice" debacle.

John McCain, American hero (Trump doesn't like Americans who were taken prisoner, no matter what war they were fighting in) please get well as soon as possible, as you are one of the very few who recognize the disaster now sitting in and tweeting from the White House.

Frank Sears

Buffalo Grove

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