They're coming after the middle class

Updated 3/19/2018 11:51 AM

Daniel Biss has an ad where he promises to make billionaires pay their fair share. All Democrats running in the Illinois election have made promises along this line. This sounds good, doesn't it? But, according to Google, there are about 17 billionaires that live in Illinois. It's a Democrat fantasy to 1) tax the wealthiest Illinoisans and don't expect that they will move. 2) Think that we can get unlimited funds by taxing the 17 billionaires in Illinois.

I don't think the Democrats will get as much revenue as they want. So, like always, they will lower the bar. Only 1 percent of Illinois tax returns were for those who earned $500,000 or more. Not much more to tax here. How about taxing the approximately 280,000 millionaires that live in Illinois (according the Google)?

But who are those millionaires? Most are the seasoned citizens that live next door. They worked hard, scrimped, saved and invested their whole lives, just to have accumulated $1 million in assets. Yes, the Democrats love people with money, no matter how hard or how long it took you to earn it.

The Democrats say they are coming after the billionaires, but they are coming after anyone with money. That means you.

Please don't fall for the wealth envy/hatred game. It only makes everyone poor.

John Zitkus.


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