It's Rauner who divided state GOP

The March 12 "Opinion - The Choice for Governor," clearly shows that the Daily Herald has a very liberal agenda as well as a flawed crystal ball, which you also used to support and predict Hillary Clinton in the last presidential election. It was very obvious in that election that the Daily Herald editorial staff clearly missed the wave of support for Donald Trump.

You continue to report that Jeanne Ives cannot win in November. It is obvious that you recognize that Gov. Rauner has lost his base of support that marginally put him in office. As such, he cannot statistically win re-election in November. Rauner is your choice to run against the winner of the Democratic primary.

Jeanne Ives has a rapidly growing wave of support while Gov. Rauner has lost his base that put in him in office. In your endorsement, it is stated that Rauner has demonstrated his commitment to the fundamental values of the Republican Party. This could not be further from the truth. Rauner lied to Cardinal Cupich and his constituents when he said he would not sign the bill authorizing Medicare funding of abortions. He also approved the bill making Illinois a sanctuary state.

Rauner owns the 32 percent income tax increase, because he failed to do his job as a leader to keep the Republican leaders unified to the values of the constituents that put them in office. These are not Republican values. It is Gov. Rauner that has divided the Republican Party.

Jeanne Ives has the knowledge, legislative experience, and drive to lead this great state from the brink of financial disaster. She has a reputation as a smart, honest, and committed legislator that truly represents the financial interests of the Illinois taxpayer.

Chuck Smith


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