Minor is great leader of township

As a member of the Winfield Township Republican Party, I would like to comment on Chairman Minor.

Burt is a fantastic leader and a true motivating force in our group. He would give you the shirt off his back. This current drama of "he said, she said" with Erika Harold is ridiculous. Are we really reduced to judging people based on something none of us actually heard? Something that supposedly occurred in October but is just now being brought up?

The Winfield Township Republican Party has more committeemen than any time in history, raised more money than ever before and is filled with people who really want and care to make a difference.

Granted, there is at least one committeeman who does not attend anything but monthly meetings, and doesn't even walk her precinct. Yet she feels compelled to badmouth our chairman. Maybe if she were more involved she would know the true Burt Minor.

Barbara Bernacki-Alekna


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