Make politicians respond to votes, not money


I'm 65, angry and ashamed. Angry that as an adult (a grownup?) we will not take common-sense steps to curb gun violence in our country. Ashamed that I have become complacent and desensitized to the horror and carnage we are experiencing due to guns.

What is our problem? Why am I accepting that "now is not the time," "we don't want to overreact" or nonsense like "arm our teachers"?

Teenagers are making my generation look foolish and unreliable. They in their short life span have experienced a horror, fear and sadness that I never had nor imagined in High School.

So, I am going to stay angry when I go vote. I am going to speak out to friends, newspapers and elected officials. Enough. I am done accepting the ridiculous inaction of our "elected" officials who seem to be bought by NRA money. I will vote but only after I have researched a candidate's acceptance of NRA money and know their view on gun policies.

Politicians respond to votes and money. They are responding to NRA money. Let's see how they respond to votes. After all, votes elect them, not money. Enough.

Debb Schirmer

Arlington Heights

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