Let Bannon have his say

Posted1/30/2018 1:00 AM

I am disappointed by the backlash created by the invitation of Steve Bannon by the University of Chicago. Personally, I am repulsed by Steve Bannon, but If the U of C offers him a podium, he should be there to take advantage of it. That's called "freedom of speech."

To be sure, if there are those in the audience who oppose Mr. Bannon's views, let them make him defend his views not with angry epithets but with intelligent questions and facts. People like Steve Bannon, Ann Coulter and others of their ilk thrive on backlash. Then they can push their agenda to those they've convinced and not have to defend themselves in the face of logic and facts.

I am obviously a liberal who would be just as unhappy if someone whose ideas are like mine were not able to express his/her opinions.

Yes, there is hateful speech, but in the USA, unless it leads to violence, it must be allowed. I might not like it but I must accept it.

George Blinick

Prospect Heights

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