Lack of responsibility among lawmakers

Posted1/29/2018 1:00 AM

Following the recent progression of headlines in The Daily Herald is enough to make a grown person cry. Our duly elected legislators have drifted so far off course that they don't even understand themselves. They merely regurgitate more and more garbage intended solely to appease whatever group they are trying to persuade. This trilogy of "news stories" is nothing short of hilarious.

Sunday, Jan. 21 : "Government shuts down: Dems, GOP trade blame" This barely even qualifies as news to a resident of Illinois. How many years did we operate without a budget?

Tuesday, Jan. 23: "Shutdown over; will promise be kept? McConnell tells Democrats that 'dreamers' discussion will be coming" Oh my, no garbage was picked up in the national parks for a whole day. And we kicked the ball down the road by about three weeks before the whole situation blows up again.

Wednesday, Jan. 24: "Schumer rescinds wall offer." Aha, so it was not Sen. McConnell after all that could not be trusted, but the honorable Sen. Schumer who was the real smoke blower.

We have no idea what is being said by whom. Why would Sen. Durbin make up that Mr. Trump used vulgar terms to describe certain areas. Did he? Did Mr. Trump indeed exhibit such poor judgment while attempting to establish an immigration policy based upon "value" rather than a lottery?

Sen. Schumer's "head fake" was not needed to end the shutdown. Some common sense and a lack of political agendas would be a great step in the right direction. As in Illinois, this group of wealthy (yep, sorry, even the Democrats) legislators should have their pay frozen (docked, not retroactively compensated) when they exhibit such total lack of responsibility.

Wayne Kinzler

St. Charles

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