Don't be fooled about 'entitlements'

The Republican tax scam reform bill is now going to cost you again, because that $1.5 trillion that they gave to corporations and wealthy donors will now have to be paid off.

Paul Ryan is gearing up with the Koch brothers at his side to make cuts to Medicare and Social Security. He recently called Medicare and Social Security "entitlements." If there is any entity in this country who loves their "entitlements," it's the rich and corporations. What would you call the massive $1.5 trillion of our tax money they gave to the already rich? Right. Entitlements.

Ryan is going to "sell" you these three lies:

"Social Security and Medicare are the major causes of our debt." Not true.

"Social Security and Medicare Part A are completely self-funded and don't add to the debt. "The only way to keep these programs solvent is to cut them." Not true.

There are modest and manageable measures to keep them solvent without cutting benefits. "These cuts will only affect future generations of seniors." Not true.

It won't be any easier for future seniors to save for retirement than it is today, especially if congressmen like Ryan keep cutting everything

from the people.

Why would anyone who votes for Ryan and others who share his ideology in Congress think that it's acceptable for these heartless souls to take health care and Social Security away from the very people who pay for their premium health care and lavish salaries?

Joni Lindgren


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