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Posted12/5/2017 1:00 AM

Columnist wrong; Trump right

I was taken aback by the Oct. 29 column of Michael Gerson. At that time, it had been about a year since's President Trump's election, and I was waiting for Gerson to mellow. He said "Americans have elected a president who is dangerously unstable, divisive, childish, nasty, deceptive, self-deluded, morally unfit, deeply unconservative and thus badly wrong on some of the largest issues of our time."

Gerson seems to be suffering from what another columnist has called "Trump derangement syndrome." Gerson may go to blazes, but I support Trump in just about every move he has made. There is a "vast right wing conspiracy" that agrees with me.

I would think that you would select columnists that echo the views of a majority of your subscribers; if indeed Gerson reflects that, then our country is in worse shape than I thought.

W.O. Degner


Bickering politicians don't serve the people

When we talk about politics, we really talk about having "a failure to communicate."

Whether it's Republicans, or its Democrats, both sides are at fault. What our representatives fail to realize, is that "we the people" sent them to Washington To represent us. Instead, they continue to have their in-house fighting. It's Like playing a game of "Dodgeball." They inflict pain on the other side, instead of sitting down together and doing the business of the people.

We should all sit down and call our representatives, and tell them to quit the bickering, and pass the bills that will help our country succeed. Also, take note of how the "Dow Jones" has been climbing above 20,000 this past year. Maybe, by the grace of God, we will succeed in making America great again.

Robert Fisher

Mount Prospect

Concentration on sex has devalued women

"My name is Bond, James Bond, and I'm a model for all men who want to be cool and masculine," so says James Bond. "Further, women fall for me whenever I look at them, and will do for me whatever I desire.

Freedom of the press has allowed me to publish 'Playboy' and I will influence men and boys throughout their lives with images of lust for the female body and it will help me get rich." So Hugh Hefner might say.

Commercials consistently and continually stress sexuality throughout our society. Why? Sex sells. After all, men who want to be real men will buy our products when they see these voluptuous women that we use in our commercials. This is about manhood, man.

Recently, we've seen numerous men being accused by many women of sexual improprieties. Why should anyone be surprised by these accusations? As a nation, we've cultivated a society where men are to look toward women as an expression of their masculine identity. Sexual conquests add value to man's self-worth as a man. After all, that's what men have been taught since boyhood.

A society that teaches and cultivates morality contrary to biblical direction will reap the results of those efforts. Thus, society raises men to be men according to their teachings, and now, wants to condemn some acting out their masculine desires and fantasies. What hypocrisy.

A man who values biblical direction will value women and treat them with respect. It appears, as a nation, that we're strayed from biblical direction and values.

Michael Imhof


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