Attacks on reform are dishonest

Updated 12/4/2017 1:50 PM

The dishonesty of those people attacking the tax cut Republicans have finally passed in the Senate is beyond comprehension for anybody who has run an international business or understands how our economy works.

For decades, the U.S. has had the highest corporate taxes in the developed world which sent 5 million U.S. jobs to China and Mexico to reduce corporate taxes and to stay competitive in the world.

One of my past employers used to joke that they would build their next manufacturing plant on a barge and tow it to the country that had the lowest corporate taxes. Cutting U.S. corporate taxes to make them globally competitive is simply common sense that will create millions of U.S. jobs and raise incomes for everybody as companies compete to attract new workers. Stopping the U.S. "double tax" on foreign profits will bring $2.5 trillion back to America to build those new factories.

Democrats attacking this tax cut say it will increase the deficit but that is based on a ridiculous 1.9 percent GDP growth assumption. Experts say that our GDP will grow by at least 3 percent as a result of this tax cut, which would actually reduce our deficit.

Finally, Democrats are attacking this tax cut saying that it was done too quickly without enough review. Do they remember Democrat Nancy Pelosi telling Americans we would have to pass Obamacare to find out what was in Obamacare and it was passed at midnight on Christmas Eve?

These dishonest attacks on this tax cut that will create millions of jobs, boost middle class incomes and ignite our GDP are not only dishonest, they raise hypocrisy to historic new levels.

Randy Rossi


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