No excuse for anyone

Updated 11/27/2017 10:17 AM

Unbelievably, both President Trump and Judge Roy Moore have been very critical regarding the revelations of Sen. Al Franken. While I certainly condemn Mr. Franken's behavior, the senator stood up and admitted his rude behavior and sincerely and publicly apologized. Meanwhile, a president of the United States, accused by 16 women of sexual aggression, has refused to apologize and said his accusers are lying. Judge Moore also was critical of Sen. Franken. The same judge accused by nine women of sexual aggression, and one of the accusers was all of 14 years old. He, like Donald Trump, has said all his accusers are lying, and blames everyone, including Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, of colluding to get him. There is no excuse for sexual assault against women, whether one is a doctor, teacher, plumber, senator or, yes, even president of the United States.

Dean Starr


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