No real debate on climate in 10 years

Posted11/13/2017 12:01 AM

Will the climate "alarmists" ever get it right? I am getting weary of the doom and gloomers changing their story line about climate change over and over through the decades. First cooling, then warming, and now the all encompassing climate change.

Does anyone (except for the participants) know, or remember that there was a real global warming debate 10 years ago? Under the auspices of The American Institute for Economic Research, some of the finest scientific and academic minds of the time participated. Even economists and clergy were given debate time.

Reading about it was truly enlightening. All the shibboleths used by the "believers" (the ones often published by their propagandists) were smothered by facts. Computer models were simply deconstructed; the "97 percent of scientists agree" hogwash was thoroughly debunked, and on it went for the two full days. To my knowledge there have been no more debates as the "alarmists" work is done for them by the mass media which puts forth a constant stream of climate misinformation. Thus, they are saved from further embarrassment.

It seems to me that the goal of the doom and gloomers is to tax CO2 using unproven science thus, making all the rest of us a bit poorer. Everybody knows that CO2 is absolutely necessary for life to exist on this planet and if the idea is to tax CO2 to restrict its creation, allow me to ask these last few questions. How much CO2 is too much? How much CO2 is too little? How much CO2 is just right? And where is the data; where are the studies to prove the point?

Finally, please, no more pictures of polar bears on ice floes, it demeans them.

Richard Murdock

North Aurora

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