Seniors at risk

Updated 10/26/2017 10:50 AM

Congressman Peter Roskam has turned his back on seniors in the 6th Congressional District. He supports a FY2018 budget resolution that would end Medicaid and Medicare as we know them.

Mr. Roskam has voted to cut funding for Medicare by $487 billion and cut Medicaid and other health care programs by $1.5 trillion over 10 years. To take funds from tens of thousands of seniors in his district and give that money away to provide huge tax cuts for his wealthy donors is not what the people of the 6th District sent him to Washington to do.


Before Mr. Roskam acts further to ram these draconian cuts through Congress, I urge my fellow seniors in the 6th District to contact him and tell him to keep his hands off of the funding that so many in his district have worked for and depend on. We can't allow Congressman Roskam to keep hiding from the people that he's supposed to be representing.

Jerry Freda


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