Not comfortable without District 15 support staff

Posted10/23/2017 5:00 AM

My daughter came home with a scratch on her face yesterday, blood drawn. A boy was playing rough at recess.

She did not feel comfortable asking the parents on the playground for help. Nor should she, they are strangers to her. They have not been fingerprinted or background checked as required by the district for every volunteer and employee who has direct contact with our children.

I am very angry that this is being permitted. Where are the district office staff whom we were told would fill in during this strike?

I am also frustrated to hear she hasn't had reading instruction in two days! Her classroom teacher is ill. She has had two different substitutes who did not carry out a typical day. My kids are not being given the quality education nor the safety required by law.

It appears to me, the choices of the Board of Education throughout this process have been more concerned with money than the impact of their decisions on students. Why won't the board allow for a third party to arbitrate? Why won't the board allow public negotiations?

This board was elected on a platform of transparency. I feel more misled and deceived than ever. I have no reasonable confidence sending my children to school until the support staff is brought back.

Sharon Branch


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