District 15 school board treating support staff unfairly

Posted10/23/2017 5:00 AM

The injunction approved by Judge Neil Cohen is not only unprecedented but disenfranchises the union and divides it. The ruling makes the nurses and one on one program assistants return to work but not the other clerical workers.

The school board states that the students' health would be in danger, then why did they not close the schools. This strike involves a very small union who gets compensated a fraction of what the teachers receive. Those same teachers received a sweetheart 10-year contract from the school board.

Most of that school board was voted out and a new board is now in place. This school board now is not giving in to the current demands of the nurses, clerical, and program assistants. They also want to diminish rules on sick time and retirement benefits and other work rules.

The Educational Support Personnel Association Union's demands are not nearly as great as the demands that the teachers asked for and were granted. These union workers are extremely valuable to the safety and education of Palatine District 15.

They are extremely dedicated and professional workers just like the teachers, but being treated extremely unfairly by this current school board. Shame on the Palatine District 15 school board. Also shame on Judge Cohen for granting the injunction.

Frank R. Klimala

Rolling Meadows

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