Message to Hollywood

Updated 10/26/2017 1:49 PM

During the last several days, revelations about Harvey Weinstein's conduct with women over, not the last few months or years but, the last decades has surfaced very publicly. The entertainment industry has always been very vocal and swift to speak out on many issues. Their reaction to what is now a very public matter will be very telling. I hope members realize that if they do not come out and strongly condemn Weinstein's actions and the man personally, their voice on other issues will ring hollow.

In order to get the entertainment industry's full attention, I would suggest the following. A complete and total boycott of all movie houses from coast to coast for one weekend, or how about an entire week. This would get their attention I'm sure.


Weinstein's behavior must be met with the strongest of reactions from the public. But more importantly, reaction from inside the industry must be swift, clear and unwavering.

If not, then their call to action and voice on other social issues will be meaningless and hollow. Without cleaning house on harassment, speaking out on other issues will actually serve as mere distraction to protect the evil existing within their own walls. I say hold the industry's feet to the fire. Boycott.

Scott Frillman


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