Don't accept apocalyptic mentality

Posted10/7/2017 12:01 AM

I have a relative and know of others who have an arsenal at their finger tips and have stockpiled ammunition. They are preparing for the Apocalypse. They are just protecting their family and society as a whole. It is their right!

Too many times these world protectors become someone else's Apocalypse. In Las Vegas, casualties were over five hundred and the numbers are still growing.

Living in the Chicago area we watch with horror and disdain as the morning news comes on and five more individuals have died of gunshot wounds in "those neighborhoods."

We try to separate ourselves from the these incidents by convincing ourselves it's happening in a foreign country not an hour car ride away.

I know, "guns don't kill, people kill." But what would happen if these automatic crowd killers were not so easily and anonymously accessed?

They would probably find another way, you say? You are right, but a knife or a single shot handgun is not going to kill and injure over 500 people in such a short time.

The NRA is a powerful group but there more of us, including gun owners, that don't accept the apocalyptic mentality.

Write your congressman, call the president, and don't back down when they throw the constitution in your face.

Karen Spencer


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