What's going up on old Littelfuse land?

Posted10/2/2017 5:00 AM

In Des Plaines along Northwest Highway just west of downtown there is some really strange building going on.

I was driving by there and was surprised at what I saw. These are supposed to be apartments, or so I have been told, but they look more like buildings meant to concentrate many people in a small space with solid concrete walls and not the windows like we see today, you know, the big, open inviting type of windows.

Why would apartment buildings be built of solid concrete? Why hundreds of units in a relatively small piece of ground? Why do they look so sinister? There are other buildings going up in Des Plaines on Lee Street that have concrete foundations and a wooden framework.

Why are these not solid concrete? So many questions. I wish someone would give us an honest answer.

Sara Schmidt

Des Plaines

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