Kneel only to our father in heaven

Posted10/2/2017 1:00 AM

Mr. Kaepernick is a racist, cop-hating, America-hating bigot. He is the poster boy for the intense, insane racism currently infesting our country. These racists are attempting to tear our country apart.

Contrary to what these racists, and the main stream media who support them say, President Trump doesn't have a racist bone in his body. He was elected, in spite of his narcissism and reactionary nature, because he loves this country and has a unique ability to see through the thick PC fog enveloping our society, to find and boldly and fearlessly proclaim the truth.

My grandchildren are privileged to live in what has been the greatest country in the history of the world. I believe they should and will stand proudly and respectfully before our flag and national anthem, symbols of the many who have fought and died to keep us free.

They should kneel only to our father in heaven in thanksgiving for their loving mothers and fathers, and wonderful families who guide and protect them.

They should heed the recent written admonition of a respected and elite group of Harvard and Princeton scholars who advise the youth of our country to think for themselves. They urge them to not be PC, to avoid group think, but instead to have the courage to seek the truth and when they find it, to adhere to it, and proclaim it fearlessly.

It is to my grandchildren that I look to make America great again.

Bob Rudny

West Dundee

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